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About 3dBibleScenes

Who are we?

3dBibleScenes was created by Pastor Bob DeGray as a way of sharing the images he creates for preaching. Bob is an Evangelical Free Church pastor in Friendswood, TX. He has been creating preaching images for a number of years, with the goal of 'communicating on the visual channel'. Most of these images have been created in Photoshop, but in recent years Bob has been experimenting with the creation of realistic Bible scenes using the same 3d graphics software used by movie makers and commercial artists. The result, he hopes, are images that visually convey some of the details of Biblical life to those who learn more from what they see than what they hear. These images, combined with a number of other techniques, are used to add expository value to the visual channel of preaching.

How can you use images from 3dBibleScenes?

The most obvious use of these images is as backgrounds for your own teaching and preaching. You can include the images directly in Powerpoint, MediaShout or other worship presentation software. You can also import the scenes into Photoshop or other image manipulation software and modify them for your own use. Most of the images are 1600 x 1200 pixel jpegs, though a few are as small as 1024 x 768 pixels.

We have already provided many 'darkened' images for use behind text. You may want to further darken, frame or piece these images for use in sermons or worship. All of this can easily be done with image manipulation software.

Finally, you can use software such as Photo Story for Windows to create 'Ken Burns' style videos from the still images. We provide one or two examples of this with some of the image sets.

NOTE: These images are copyrighted. You may use them as often as you want within your own church or organization, or personally, and you may modify them as desired for such. You may display them on your website. You may not distribute them to others, either in their original or modified forms or sell them in any way. We earnestly request that you leave our copyright notice at the bottom corner of each picture you use or display.

How do we make these images?

Most of the images currently on the site were rendered with a 3d scene program called 'Vue Esprit' from e-on software This program generates terrains and helps you populate them with plants, rocks, trees and objects to create realistic 3d models of scenes. It then adds atmospheric and lighting effects and uses virtual cameras to render these pictures into more or less realistic photo images.

Many of the objects in the scenes were purchased from 3d web sites (especially www.turbosquid.com), but others were made using 3d modeling software called Silo from an outfit called Nevercenter This software allows you to flexibly and quickly model both geometric and organic objects.

Finally, some of the animals and (rare) people in the scenes (see for example the camels and Rebekkah in the Nahor series) were posed with 'Daz Studio'.

It typically takes us between two and twenty hours to set up and fine tune a scene, not counting the ten minutes to twelve hours needed for the software to actually generate ('render') the image - and then render it again and again as you tweak details.

Why Google Ads?

Obviouly one reason is that when you click on one of the Google ads, it generates about a penny of income for this site. But on top of that, as I have browsed countless sites on the web, I have been impressed at how well targeted Google Ads actually are, and how often they prove useful for whatever I'm looking for. So I think you'll find the ads a benefit rather than a hindrance. We currently limit the ads to the right side and bottom of our pages, and to text only ads, so they should not slow you down at all.

Where do we go from here?

At this writing there are more than fifteen image sets on the website. We have a number of additional image sets in progress, plus some additional images for the existing sets. We expect this to be an ongoing process, since we create images nearly every week for preaching and teaching. Feel free to contact us if you have a Biblical image or event you would like modeled.

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